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Journeys of learning and discovery for companies
Do you need new skills and ideas in order to take your company further?

Reis & Ryk provides tailor-made journeys of learning and discovery for companies. Through Reis & Ryk, over 200 Norwegian and Swedich companies have travelled out into the world to gain new skills and the inspiration to help them develop their own businesses. The purpose of using Europe as a classroom is to exchange ideas and skills across national borders, and to increase ties between businesses.

In the Reis & Ryk programme, we prepare all the participants thoroughly prior to their departure. We help them by finding suitable overseas host companies, assisting with the practical arrangements and following up how the placement went.

Reis & Ryk has a network of partners in 41 countries who have helped to
provide good work placements for Norwegian and Swedish companies.

An overseas Reis & Ryk placement lasts for two weeks. Participants can apply for grants to help cover travel and living expenses.

Reis & Ryk has been developed in close cooperation with the EU’s da Vinci programme and Innovation Norway.

As a method, Reis & Ryk can help with:

• Internationalisation
• Innovation
• Network building
• Skills development
• Local and regional development
• Company development

Reis & Ryk has been offered to member companies by several small business federations:
• Hamar Region Chamber of Commerce
• Chamber of Commerce in Värmland
• Vocational rehabilitation businesses in Lofoten and Vesterålen
• Narvik Næringsforening [Federation of businesses in Narvik]
• Valdres Destinasjon AS [Promotes tourism in Valdres]
• Gloppen Næringsorganisasjon [Federation of businesses in Gloppen]
• Næringsforeningen i Tromsø-regionen [Federation of businesses in the Tromsø region]
• Harstad Handelsstandsforening [Federation of businesses in Harstad]
• Hermetikken Næringshage [Federation of creative and knowledge-based businesses in Vadsø]
• Andøy Næringsforening [Federation of businesses in Andøy]