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Apriori AS

Glemt passord?

Apriori AS has developed the ”Reis & Ryk” project
Apriori is a consultancy company offering innovative develoment projects to Norwegian companies and regions. We also work with leadership development and entrepeneurs. The company was established by Grethe Stave in 1997.
Apriori AS has coordinated projects within the framework of EU`s Leonardo da Vinci  program for over 6 years, and has sent over 180 participants to different European companies.
Apriori has developed and implemented several management and company development programmes. These include: 
  • Reis & Ryk
  • Innovation Norway’s lighthouse programme
  • Ting Som Virker [Things that work]
  • Athene, Innovation Norway’s trainee programme
  • Market Menus for the Fisheries Sector in Europe


   We believe that there is…

  • A need for innovation – not just in the high-tech sector!
  • A need for internationalisation – in an easily accessible format
  • A need for local companies to cooperate – and that sharing experiences promotes local development
Contact information:
Apriori AS, Kjerringnesset 8, 8480 Andenes
Tel +47 76 11 54 44, fax +47 76 11 54 40
Web www.aprioriweb.com (soon to come)