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Forfatter: Siri H.

Harold og Nathalie de Wit tok med seg sine tre barn og emigrerte fra Nederland til Värmland i Sverige for snart et år siden. Med på reisen var et ønske om å etablere sin egen bedrift, større plass og et mindre stressfylt familieliv. Nå deltar de på Reis & Ryk og er på hospitering hos en rekke dyreparker og oppdrettere i Nederland for å lære mer om dyrehold og oppdrett av alpakka og elg. Målet er å åpne Värmlands Älgar & Alpackor i løpet av 2009 og gi turister nærkontakt med ville dyr og opplevelser av de helt sjeldne.

Hallo Allemaal !
The first week of our stay in Holland is nearly to an end, and has been very special for all the enthusiasm we encounter with our host partners!

Once they start talking about and showing their moose or their alpacas it is very hard to stop them, they just want to tell you all they know on their professional experience with these animals.

We started with "Noorderdierenpark", a well known zooin Emmen. They have 4 Canadian moose, and being around these animals was very special!

We have spent the rest of this week with several alpaca breeders (Alpaca International, Alpaca Holland and Alpaca Ranch). We have learned a lot about what is most important when you want to start breeding with these lovely animals; which paperwork is important, how to select the right animals, building stables and fence, what they eat, veterinary aspects, etc.

But as said what makes a trip like this so special is that the people you meet are all very open to share their knowledge, the enthusiasm they almost breathe when they show you around in their world, and of course the animals; the majestic moose and the playful, funny and beautiful alpacas !

Groeten uit Nederland van Harold en Nathalie!
Värmlands Älgar & Alpackor