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Forfatter: S.H

Sonja Gajic og Torunn Nilsen Nielsen fra Keramikkhuset Veldreid er på hospitering hos keramiker Christine Pedley i den franske landsbyen La Bourne. Landsbyen har gjennom flere århundre trukket til seg kunstnere og regnes som "pilgrimsmål" for keramikere verden over. De har sendt oss reisebrev med opplevelser fra sin første uke..

Tout les matiné j’va à la boulangerie per prendre le pain fraîs!

So you did not understand anything? Well, neither do we...

C’est la vie!

Soon we are one week richer on experiences from France. After a train – plane – train journey we found ourselfs stranded on a train station 30 km from our destination. No busses or other transportation except for a taxidriver (non-English speaking who went for lunch). One hour later he came back and finally we arrived in La Borne, the world’s Mecca of pottery.

One shop (closed on Mondays), one bakery (closed on Tuesdays) one restaurant (not serving food before about eight in the evening – nor on Sundays if you do not make a reservation), two cats, two horses (eating our banana peels), one pottery museum, and a lot of ceramists.

We felt very welcome when meeting our host and teacher Christine Pedley (speaking English). She has opened new doors into new dimensions of creativity and we have extremely interesting conversations during our tea time breaks (in the garden under the blooming trees).

The days in the workshop are intense but very giving, but we still have the energy to visit other workshops (which there are plenty of, all in all some 70 artists in this relatively small region), museums, and even a lecture about Korean pottery.

The weekend is aproaching and it will be an opportunity to travel around by car to see and experience even more.... Among others we are invited to see a wood fired kiln (a kiln that is fired up to a week before the pots and mugs etc. are ready for exhibition and sale).

Looking forward to seeing you all soon – and good luck to those of you who still have the journey ahead!

Torunn and Sonja